PRLS Expansion Board

The PRLS expansion board, included in the Professional Robotics Learning System kit, is an application-specific expansion for the Module Core. It extends the functionality of the Module Core by converting the generic 30-pin headers into specific interfaces useful for building autonomous differential-drive robots with advanced sensorization. Compatible with batteries between 7 and 17V, the board also provides a regulated 6V power supply to ensure consistent servo operation. A software library tailored to the PRLS expansion board can be found in our software repository.

Specialized Interfaces

The following interfaces are available on the PRLS expansion board:

  • 2x Motor Submodule ports (for the two main motors)
  • 4x PWM ports (servos)
  • 4x Digital input ports (switches)
  • 4x I2C ports (range sensors)
  • 7x Analog input ports, two of which can be used as outputs (line sensors, microphone, speakers).
  • 1x Motor / servo power switch port
  • 1x JTAG programming port