HTU kit and demo robot

Additive Robotics completed a prototype kit and built a demo robot using all of the parts of the proposed kit. The demo robot is a planar driving robot that uses a high-capacity battery, a STM Cortex-M4 processor, two BLDC drive motors, two servos, three distance sensors, and five line sensors to perform a variety of autonomous tasks.

After taking a tour of the demo robot and kit parts, HTU personnel evaluated the system on an example competition field. Additive Robotics demonstrated the programming process, displayed data from all the sensors, and stepped Dr. Okpalaeze through the implementation of wall detection and line following algorithms on the platform. Pleased with the kit, HTU instructed us to proceed with the production run. The kits are scheduled to be delivered by early April.

Developing an educational robotics kit for HTU


As part of our efforts to launch HTU’s robotics lab, Additive Robotics has begun work on an educational robotics kit. The educational kit will focus on hands-on learning, allowing students to learn the skills needed to excel in the robotics industry by using those same skills during their coursework. Students will use the robotics kit to implement mechanical, electrical, and algorithmic designs in their courses as the build towards a class competition. The competition format will be more exciting than traditional classwork, encouraging students to work harder, and attracting more students in the years to come. The kit will contain a high-end microcontroller, as well as sensors, actuators, and an easily-modifiable hardware system. An early mockup of a driving robot that could be built using the kit can be seen below:

Additive Robotics working with HTU to launch new robotics lab

The US Department Of Defense awarded Huston Tillotson University (HTU) an equipment grant as part of the Research and Education Program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU/MI)! The principal investigator, Dr. Azubike Okpalaeze, will use the grant to found a cutting edge robotics lab within HTU’s CS department. Dr. Okpalaeze will use the lab to support HTU’s new robotics coursework, as well as his research into safe Human-Robot Interaction. To help launch their new program, Additive Robotics will be working closely with HTU to provide equipment and training tailored to their needs.